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ECOLABNET project aims to create a network of service providers for eco-innovations for manufacturing SME’s in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR).

What is the mission of ECOLABNET?

The project aims to develop a network for RDIs to offer their high-level expertise as well as their infrastructure to industrial SMEs who want to commercialise eco-innovations. The network aims to develop skills for RDIs and to help SMEs find a good partner for cooperation in environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes.

What does ECOLABNET address?

ECOLABNET addresses the problem of lack of a network to provide professional consulting services regarding eco-innovative solutions for SMEs in the Baltic Sea Region. ECOLABNET offers a possibility to facilitate access to the knowledge that is necessary for local SMEs to commercialise eco-innovative solutions. At the same time, it provides access for RDIs to local markets by offering a network for utilising their expertise.

Who are ECOLABNET project partners?

The project includes 11 partners as beneficiaries and 15 associated partners to support project in reaching the main goals. The overall partnership consists of 7 RDIs, 7 business support organisations and 12 SMEs. The partnership covers 6 countries in the BSR region: Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania and Poland.

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